a1When asked about what we do, we typically describe our company as a provider of glass replacement and windshield insurance. However, we refuse to believe that our services limit us. We have more to share and cars to save.

The Legend of Auto Insurance Myths

We built a firm on resourcefulness, resolution, discovery, flexibility and hard work, and of course, a real love for anything automotive. We understand how our cars can make our lives easier and how any accidental damage can stall us. We also know how expensive things can get, and nerve-wracking especially when you’re not prepared.

So we decided to come up with a company that can lessen the torture and hassles of replacing auto glass and windshields, whether our clients wanted or badly needed the services. Auto Insurance Myths aims to debunk anything we’ve used to know about auto glass and windshields, including repairs, replacement, maintenance, and of course, costs.

We also provide an insurance service that takes care of your car, its windows, and windshield. Plus, in cases where our clients need to file claims, waiting is not going to add insult to any existent injuries. We’ll have the whole process in less than an hour. Our clients may come in sad but leave our premises fully satisfied.