4-Tier Secret to the Proper Care of Your Windshield

Your windshield is the largest piece of glass in your car, and it protects you and your passengers from debris, bugs, rain, and, any harm outside elements can bring while on the road. Keeping it in good condition and crystal clear maintains its quality and purpose. Let’s run a list of do’s and do not’s when caring for your windshield.

1. Choose the Right Cleaner and Towel

Do not use glass cleaners that contain ammonia as it contains harmful effects on the rubber and vinyl components of your car. There are many ammonia-free cleaning products on the market today that does an excellent job of removing water spots and keeping your glass crystal clear. In addition to this, microfiber towels perform best in absorbing and keeping dirt in it instead of regular sheets that leave residue on your car.

2. Lift and Clean Your Wipers

Raising the wipers exposes the often neglected lower part of the windshield. But before you start washing the glass, clean your blades first. These rubbers play a significant role with your visibility and windshield quality. Skipping to clean it regularly can cost in the long run as the rubber’s lifespan shortens and tend to leave streaks behind.

3. Windshield Wipers Down

Now that you’ve cleaned your rubbers and still have both raised to air dry, it’s time to move on to cleaning your windshield. With your wipers out of the way, you can see and reach down into the bottom fold between the glass and rubber.

Start by spraying your cleaning agent onto one side of your towel. Then wipe, forming a straight line, either from the top to bottom or vice versa, nearest to the center of the glass outwards to your side. Repeat this rhythmic wiping pattern on the other side.

4. Buffing

If you’re going to use the same towel in this process, do wash off the dirt from the first wipe. Once your microfiber cloth is clean and rinsed, use the other side and start buffing your glass in a circular motion removing water and tough spots.

These are four easy steps that any car holder can and should do. Maintain your windshield’s health and it will keep you covered while on the road.