Auto Insurance Myths is not a myth; it’s reality.


Where you stay in the country shouldn’t be an issue, as long as you have us. We’ll get you the perfect insurance service to meet your needs anywhere within the fifty states. We have experts to help you understand the requirements, your eligibility, premiums, deductibles, and limits. We also offer round-the-clock access to safety tips and information.

Your Car, Your Family, You


We provide customized insurance coverage to meet your needs, as state minimums may not always be enough.

It wouldn’t matter how large or small your concern is with your car; we’re here to help. We know things can get complicated without a means of transportation. What more if you have one yet something’s not right. That’s why we’ll take care of your car problems for you, as soon as possible.

Our Auto Glass Service Menu


* Windshield Repair and Replacement

We promise to take care of any unwanted chips and cracks on your windshield. We’ll save it as much as we can or replace it altogether. We’ll give you a report on the health of your windshield, what we can arrange, and the costs. If you have insurance coverage, filing a claim will only take less than an hour.

* Auto Glass Care

We know how you feel when something goes wrong with your car. Trust us; we’ve been there, too. That’s why we have created services to help you keep it maintained and sound, including all its glass parts.